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The Black or White single and short film, in it’s self is filled with Social/Political statements and imagery by Michael. In the final sequence he turns into a black panther as a symbol of anger towards racism, the dance sequences shows how he wanted to destroy all the world’s hate just with his dance…. The black panther. It’s a reference to the black panther party of the 60’s and 70’s.

(Fuente: OhhMichael, vía itsjustdesire)

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paisajes | Tumblr em We Heart It.
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Entonces te das cuenta que lo mejor que puedes hacer es irte…

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Muchas veces me pregunto. ¿será normal todo lo que pienso? ¿todas las personas tendrán la mente tan retorcida como la mía?

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www.joshdelacruz.tumblr.com ✌ on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/110196471/via/JoshDelaCruz
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Dark, gore blog.
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Love, Sensual n’ Romance blog ← More ♥
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Bing Wright (b.1958, USA) - Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (2012)

Broken Mirror/Evening Sky is a new series of striking landscape photographs by New York based artist Bing Wright. Departing from his usual pared down images in grey palettes, Wright offers us moving skyscape photographs of richly colored sunsets reflected onto broken mirrors. This new body of work marks his first return to color photography in almost a decade.

The images are meticulously constructed through a combination of traditional documentary landscape photographs and the subtle manipulations of an image in the studio. Wright photographs sunsets, then projects the images onto mirrors he has broken in the studio. The mirrors are small, measuring just 14 x 11 inches. The artist re-photographs the reflection and then enlarges the image into a large scale format. This beautiful series incorporates Wright’s recurring themes of abstraction and representation – a contrast he masterfully balances by grounding these shards of images into a bold structure. While more abstract than some of his earlier works, the composition carries a narrative that enables the viewer to collectively experience the beauty of the sunsets the artist has captured, while facilitating an individual interpretation of the emotion they imbue. We are presented with pictorial images, fragmented and in disrepair – a reminder that everything beautiful is flawed and imperfect. Bing’s signature large format lends these images symmetry and exact composition, giving them a majestic quality. (src. James Harris Gallery)

© All images courtesy the artist

[more Bing Wright | artist found at mymodernmet]

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